Friday, May 18, 2012

StreamTorrent for Mac (CrossOver 11)

First of all, thanks to the CodeWeavers team for creating a simple solution to port applications to the Mac. Please support them by purchasing CrossOver through their site at

I've created a CrossOver 11 bottle that you can simply install on your mac for access to StreamTorrent.
Download it here.

To install it, from CrossOver, select Configure > Manage Bottles from the menu, then select "Add from Archive".

If all you get is a black screen, StreamTorrent is working, but for one reason or another WMP will not open.  To view your stream, let ST buffer for some time, then open VLC, select File > Open Network... and open

Happy streaming!

Problems, questions, or requests... drop me a line on Twitter at @macninj4.


  1. Did all that, now how do I open my stream? I have a link, how do I use it?